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Samsung Brand's Profile

This company is known as a leader of innovation in technology. It’s managed to grab a quarter of the mobile phone market in the United States and has battled fairly successfully with Apple in most respects.

Outside of the U.S. Samsung is even stronger, commanding 43% of the mobile market in India and it aims to kee its leadership there by 2014. It’s hovering at near 33% of the total market worldwide.

Without any doubt this corporation is going through one of the most successful moments of all its history because its flagship models become trend instantly and almost all its new launchings are closely followed by the crowds.

Where are they from?

Everybody knows that Samsung is from South Korea, at least its principal headquarters are located in Seoul, which is the capital of the mentioned country. Nevertheless, this company is a global firm nowadays and it has country offices all around the world, being one of the largest transnational existing in the market.

Samsung has assembly plants and commercial networks in about eighty countries. This fact increases the likelihood of have a better customer service for their clients worldwide, so bear that in mind and search for your local office.

How long are they in the market?

Samsung is one of the oldest tech companies existing. It started to operate and the end of the forties as a small trade company. After the Korean War, this company diversified its business and started to develop activities in fields different from electronics.

They started to produce telecommunication hardware in eighties, after acquiring a local company specialized in this business. That was the time when they created Samsung Electronics and from there the company has evolved towards the mobile phones, having produced over eight hundred million handsets until today.

Which are their main innovations?

One component of the wide-ranging product line that keeps the company is such a dominant position around the world is Samsung’s dual-SIM technology.

Samsung dual-SIM phones are able to operate two SIM cards simultaneously, allowing the user to switch between two different calling plans, mobile providers, or phone numbers without the hassle of lugging around multiple devices.

Since the eighties Samsung has invested a lot in R&D, actually the have the most important computer programing laboratories in Europe, which hire more than four hundred engineers per year.

Some of its latest most popular innovations are:

  • Smart Watches: it's one of the first brands producing and promoting this type of product.
  • Payments with fingerprint: the Galaxy S5 is the first Android device that will allow to do payments by using fingerprints.
  • Full-color displays with Quantum dots: a new type of display that's brighter, cheaper and more efficient that today's displays.
  • Flexibe touchscreens made of printed graphene: a stronger and slimmer display that will improve mobile phones quality.
And many other innovations that not belong to the mobile industry, but that are related with all the technological industry. Remember that Samsung is a conglomerate that participates in many industries related with science and the company is always investing in R&D.
Do they have good customer service?

Always that Samsung is a global firm, it's a bit difficult to give an exact opinion about how good is the quality that its customer service supplied by all its subsidiaries around the world.

That's why we took as a reference the position that Samsung has within its industry within the US based on the American Customer Satisfaction Index. In this periodic report Samsung holds the third place after Apple (1st) and Motorola (2nd), here you can check the complete chart that also shows other popular brands..

What are the latest dual-SIM models made by them?

Unlocked versions of many Samsung dual-SIM models are available online in a range of prices. With an unlocked phone, the user is free to choose a carrier operating on the GSM (Global System for Mobiles) which is used throughout 99% of the world.

The biggest exception is the United States, whose carriers largely operate on CDMA, or Code Division Multiple Access. Users of unlocked Samsung phones can typically find service providers to meet their needs no matter where their travels take them.

Samsung dual SIM phones are well worth looking into for those whose needs aren’t being met by their current devices.


Galaxy S5 (04-14)
Galaxy Note 3 (09-13)
Galaxy S4 (04-13)
Galaxy Note 2 (09-12)

Galaxy S5 Mini New!
Galaxy S3 Neo+ (04-14)
Galaxy Note 3 Neo (04-14)
Galaxy Grand 2 (01-14)
Galaxy S4 Mini
Galaxy Core
Galaxy Mega 5.8 (05-13)
Galaxy Win (05-13)
Galaxy Grand (01-13)

Galaxy Core 2 New!
Galaxy S3 Slim (03-14)
Galaxy Grand Neo (02-14)
Galaxy S Duos 2 (12-13)
Galaxy Fresh
Galaxy Star Pro
Galaxy Ace 3
Galaxy Pocket Neo
Galaxy Trend II (05-13)
Galaxy Star
Galaxy Y Plus
Galaxy Fame
Galaxy Young
Galaxy S Duos (09-12)
Galaxy Y Pro (01-12)

By Luis Enrique
Last update: 04/23/2014

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